Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

"Wordplay" premiere

It's now Wednesday, 6/14, time for the big "Wordplay" premiere!

First up was a Q&A and lunch with a top-secret industry group. The screening room complex was familiar, as I had been there a few times through Audience Extras. The first person I saw was Anne, who we had not seen since Sundance. So much has happened since then! We waited in a big room, where a table was piled with "Wordplay" books and I finally got a copy. Another table was piled with lunch - sandwiches, salad, fruit.

First, we had to do the Q&A. We lined up at the front of the plush private screening room and took questions. I found out later a very famous author was present; his wife is part of this group. Then lunch and schmoozing. It's not that hard to mingle when everyone has just seen the movie and knows who YOU are.

I then had to process the Sunday NYT puzzle (dailies would not be ready until Thursday), so walked with Tyler to the Times. He had time to catch a Broadway show at the half-price booth, but decided to go to ESPN Zone instead.

The puzzle got done without incident, and I headed for the Marriott Marquis. Linda and Jeffrey were at Spamalot, but I had taken her extra key the night before, and brought a duffel bag with a change of clothes. They soon arrived and we all spruced up. My stylist (sister) approved my outfit, so I didn't have to go to plan B Nana dress which I also brought. Although he didn't have to, Jeffy wore a suit (dress at the premiere varied widely). We headed down by subway to IFC in our finery

Everyone was excitedly standing outside IFC. Christine had a nice black dress, and most of the guys wore suits. We greeted Doug for the first time since Sundance, and met his wife, as well as Brian's wife. Soon it was time to go in. There was some confusion about Doug's seats but that was straightened out. Jeffurry, Todd and the rest of Trip's guests were in front of us, and some Creadon/O'Malleys next to us. Behind us were seats reserved for the Weinstein company. The occupants seemed to enjoy the movie, and I found out later Isaac Mizrahi was sitting there.

Everyone reacted well to the movie (well DUH!) and we adjourned to a tent behind the cafe. The party was crowded and I didn't see everyone who was there. We did meet Al's family and talked to Tyler's parents. There were good hors d'oeuvres but waiters were not always easy to find. A guy I'd never seen before gave me a brand new blue umbrella! He said he worked for ABC news; I was a little shell-shocked and didn't thank him properly (so if you see this, mystery umbrella man, Thanks!). Patrick's mother told a funny story about typing one of her kids' papers and receiving a C for the typing; this was similar to the time Linda did Joel's art project and the teacher praised him for obviously NOT having his parent do the work because it was so messy.

A man who came with Will asked if my sister was my mother. WHAAA (she's 13 months younger)? We gave him the opportunity to say he was drunk, but he said he hadn't had anything to drink and was driving Will home. Wrong answer! Jeffy was feeling the effects of the long day (they had also gone to see cousin Britt's new baby in the morning), so we headed out. We talked to people outside, stopped at Subway for a sandwich for the hungry boy (he was not big on the party food), and cabbed it back to the hotel where I'd left my bag. We post-mortemed there for a while, and then I went home.

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