Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Passover almost passed over

I arranged to go to Florida for Passover. I had no plans here, and my sister is doing seders both nights there, and my mother will be staying with her. So I got tickets on Jet Blue and was all set for next weekend.

Except then I started seeing things in the media indicating Passover is THIS weekend. I remembered it was kind of late this year, and just assumed it was the last weekend in April. Oops!

It's the wee hours Friday morning when I realize I have tickets for the wrong dates. Jet Blue only has a flight on the correct Saturday landing at midnight, and nothing at all Friday, not even to West Palm Beach. Expedia reveals there are flights on other airlines, but it will cost me.

So for more than twice the original fare, I'm flying at basically the same times as before, Continental going down, Jet Blue coming back. Jet Blue did give me a credit, and half of it is left since I'm only using them one way.

But DUH! And OUCH!

This reminds me of when Pen Gwyn assumed the Portland con was a certain weekend, and arrived a week early. She just stuck around until the real con began.

I haven't booked my con flights yet, but I will definitely make sure when it is!

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