Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The excitement is palpable

With the premiere a week away, it's "Wordplay Wordplay Wordplay." So what else is new?

The web site has been updated with video interviews and more content, so of course I spent last night going through it and finding errors. Some of the old errors were fixed, and some not. Unfortunately, those scary close-ups are not an error. You'd think I'd have better results after all those years of dermatology. Where's a makeup artist when you need one? Also, my contact lens must irritate my right eye, as it seems half closed. On the plus side, the shingles scars on my forehead are not noticeable. Oy, vanity.

I had lunch at the Chelsea BBQ Monday with an ex-coworker. I mistakenly figured the straight shot down there would take 15 minutes, but it took twice that (and I had to switch trains). At times like that, a cell phone would be handy to say I'm running late. I had a half chicken (didn't eat the potato) and we caught up on current doings and gossip (of the "x is going out with y!" nature) and memories of the job which had its ups and downs.

I then walked my health insurance paperwork over to the broker in the East 30s. Everything seemed in order, so if processing proceeds on time, I'll be covered on 7/1 when COBRA runs out. That's one nagging thing out of the way. The office was close to Dell but I didn't have any reason to visit there, so went home.

Health insurance, check. Laundry, check (finally did it Sunday). Con check, still to do. As well as many other details for the "Wordplay" deluge, such as making a hair appointment.

Monday night was an event in NJ, a film group hosted by Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers. The car was supposed to pick me up 7:15 but still wasn't there by 7:30. I wondered if this was karma for being 15 minutes late to lunch. I went back upstairs and saw on caller ID that Michelle from IFC called, so called back and found out they'd gone to Jon first and were on their way. Again, a cell phone would have come in handy.

The trip went smoothly, unlike Friday's rainy disaster, and we were there with plenty of time to spare. We weren't planning to watch the movie (I usually do watch, but I'll be seeing it twice more this week, and 3 times next week) so went to a diner across the street for soup and salad. They called earlier than we expected to say the credits were rolling, so Jon and I ran back across while Michelle paid the bill. We were led into a crowded theater for a nice Q&A, with the exception of one curmudgeon who thought we were manipulated into doing free advertising for the Times. Several people had strong positive reactions, which I understand since I do, too.

At dinner we discussed possible wardrobe for the premiere, so when I got home I tried on virtually every possibility I could find. My weight is high so a lot didn't fit. Other things needed mending. The baton outfit would have worked, but they felt I shouldn't wear something I wore in the movie. My white sparkly top and black sparkly cardigan didn't look good. Michelle suggested a classic black dress. I don't have a solid dress, but tried on a Nana 50s black lacy corset with a black skirt that looked good when covered with a crocheted black shell also from the Nana collection. I also have a navy blue Nana cocktail dress that's OK. My sister will help me decide next week. (If Amy W. is reading this, I know, "No Nana!" but these aren't bad.)

The "A team" including Tyler is doing some events in LA over the next few days. Part of me feels left out, but I have 2 events of my own coming up while they're gone - one in the ancestral homeland of Great Neck, and another film festival founded by a former co-worker. Then next week there's stuff every single day. After that, nothing. We were supposed to go to Silverdocs in DC but now it's just the A team.

We're on the verge. As my friend said, "Exciting times."

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