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From this blog, you'd think all I do is search the web for mentions of "Wordplay" (which I do), but I've also been working, reading, and worrying about getting health insurance set up for 7/1. I have the forms, but am not sure of a few things and want to hand-deliver them to the broker so he can look at them. This needs to be done ASAP, but I haven't called or E-mailed to make this happen.

"Wordplay" events are coming with more frequency. Jon and I did a Q&A at Makor, the 92nd St. Y branch on W. 67th, across the street from where I briefly was for my ex-job. I always thought it was pronounced MAKE-or but the staff person said mah-CORE. They had a decent crowd considering I saw no advertising other than on their site (it was arranged too late to be in the catalog).

The Judy family is in town from California, so they came tonight to a showing at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. Unfortunately, the heavens opened, causing floods and knocking out some subway lines and roads. http://www.ny1news.com/ny1/content/index.jsp?stid=1&aid=59902 I was able to get to a Chinese restaurant to meet for dinner, but after that the car taking us to the movie was delayed due to the mess, and we got there during Merl's first segment. Judy last arrived in New York on September 9, 2001, so we can safely say she's a jinx.

Considering transportation was bad to nonexistent, it's amazing anyone showed up at all. However, there was a sparse but enthusiastic group including Peter and Chrissy Gordon (whose normally short drive from Great Neck took an hour), and the Q&A went well. Unfortunately, Jon never made it. His car was still in Manhattan at the movie's end at 9 p.m. with no prospects of reaching the museum in time.

The return car took a while to reach us, but eventually arrived and got us back. Yucky night to be out. This museum has many interesting series, and I may well be back. Update: I just joined IFP, whose membership INCLUDES membership in the Museum of the Moving Image. http://www.ifp.org

Gary Louris sings the song that plays during the "Wordplay" end credits (click on "listen") here:

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