Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Lazy Sunday

Nice blog review of "Wordplay" from Seattle: http://cdeluxe.blogspot.com/2006/05/revenge-of-nerd.html

Here's an audio interview with Merl:

I got the LA Times puzzles done yesterday, and now need to grade more at-homes (we've already sent back over 100) and laundry.

Books: I finished "Easy Street" a few weeks ago, and just sold it on eBay.

Also read "Filthy Rich" by Dorothy Samuels, about a fictional show "So You Want to be Filthy Rich!" closely modeled on...well, you can guess. The title character incorrectly answers her orthodontist boyfriend's $1.75 million dollar question and gets dumped on the air in the first pages, and the story goes from there. I'm sending it to Trip, who should find it interesting even though it's basically chick-lit.

I'm finally almost done with "Primary Colors." It took a while for it to get going. Now I'm curious to see the movie version.

Harper Collins sent another First Look book to review. This time it's fiction - an Egyptian novel that was made into a movie I didn't wake up in time to see at Tribeca (not sure I'm supposed to talk about this, so I'm being vague). While the movie was 3 hours long and even the trailer was almost 6 minutes, the book is a reasonable 258 pages.

First Look also has a teen program, and my nephew Jeffrey has signed up (well, he'll be a teen in January).

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