Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I'm still waiting

This morning the guy was coming to unclog the bathtub drain. Last night, while washing dishes I realized the kitchen sink was clogged, too. I had to stop for a while because the water in the sink was getting too deep.

My schedule is crazy, so I just stayed up all night (and got a lot of at-home puzzles sent out). The guy got here 10:30, when I was dangerously close to conking out. To my annoyance, he wouldn't do the kitchen sink, because it wasn't on the original order and might require taking apart everything under the sink and taking a lot of time. So that's scheduled for tomorrow morning.

He snaked out the tub, and said he removed a big hunk of hair. He also commented on my trophies (no, they're not in the bathroom but he saw them on the shelf coming in), and I told him what they were for and that I'd be in a movie. I stopped short of giving him a "Wordplay" button.

Well, I may be able to give him a button after all. I just washed my hair, and the water is still sitting in the tub. I measured it after I got out, and it was 4.5 inches. Actually, I washed my hair over an hour ago and the water is still deep. (measuring) Oh boy, it's gone down a whole inch. I did make sure the drain was open.

The office is closed so I'll have to call again tomorrow, and probably wait another week (I originally called Monday, and they couldn't come until today). Unless I can persuade the guy who comes for the kitchen tomorrow to also do the tub. Sigh.

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