Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Long, long weekends

The worst July 4th weekend I ever had was sometime in the '80s when I suffered a horrible toothache. Since it was the holiday weekend, I had a long wait until business resumed and I could see the dentist (it turned out I needed root canal). I lived on soft foods and Vanquish while everyone else had barbecues and fireworks.

I also hate long weekends where there is some nagging bureaucratic thing that can't be resolved until the workweek begins. My bank called last week to say that my savings account is dormant (I last made a deposit in 2000) and I need to make a token transaction or it'll be turned over to the state as abandoned property. This is weird, since I constantly use the checking account that is linked to savings (the savings account is, well, savings - for an emergency - and it doesn't get touched).

But OK, whatever... I went online and moved $5 from savings to checking. Last night, I got an E-mail saying the transaction could not be done because the savings account is dormant and has been locked! I called customer service (which, blessedly, had live people on duty), who said I needed to go to the bank in person. Darn, I was just at the bank on Friday depositing freelance checks.

So I'll have to wait until Tuesday and go straighten it out. The bank is 6 blocks away; it's not like I have to go 20 miles in a blizzard. But with lots to do before the con, this is just another irritation.

If the worst has happened and the money has already been "abandoned" to the state, it's bye-bye to this bank.

(Is this what blogs are for? To vent about day-to-day minutia?)

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