Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

What a pain

My bank has thousands, even millions, of customers. So they've complicated everyone's lives by changing all their account numbers. They took the first digit off the front of the checking account number, and sent new debit cards with completely different numbers.

This means I have to change all my automated billing. And who knows how many vendors have my payment info recorded, which I'll also need to change.

I'm attempting to do this, but I'll undoubtedly miss something and have a payment bounce. Oh boy, can't wait!

In other annoying news, I got a jury duty summons for June 22. I filled out a juror info form recently, so this was not unexpected. Right now the trip to LA June 21 is off, but who knows if I need to do anything then for the movie. Thankfully, I was able to automatically postpone by telephone.

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