Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Is it a sign? + FL update

The pencil we've seen a zillion times on wordplaythemovie.com has been replaced with the poster that's also on wordplaymovie.com.

Is this a sign?

Earlier today, wordplaymovie.com was down, leading me to hope that they were putting up the site, but it was a false alarm, with the poster reappearing later.

I went to Miami for Mother's Day. My family was not as enthusiastic about the Mr. T routine as I was (NO WAY was Joel going to be Mr. T), so we did not reenact it. We watched various videos including Stamford 2006 from Nancy Shack (but didn't get to the Great Neck-based "Capturing the Friedman's"), and went out for a good but slowly served Mother's Day dinner. We did not run into any human-eating alligators while walking down the street.

On Monday, we attempted to shop at Nordstrom's and Macy's. My sister goes so often the salespeople know her. My mother got an outfit for Jeffrey's bar mitzvah next January, but I couldn't find anything. A black, filmy asymmetrically hemmed skirt with matching overblouse was promising, but NOTHING looked good with it. My hips are disproportionately big for my waist and most sizes just don't fit.

My shopping trip in my sister's closet was fruitful, though. I have a gorgeous black satiny evening gown (two, actually, as there's another one I can borrow), but the premiere won't be that formal. Oscars, maybe? Also, a plain black skirt (always useful), jackets, and a red and white polka-dot dress to match the navy blue and white one in my icon.

I also was able to print out the health insurance forms mysteriously truncated when I used the printer at the NYT. Also, got my tax return printed after installing (and later uninstalling) TaxCut. This is needed to prove I'm a freelancer for health insurance purposes. So I hope to get my post-COBRA arrangements out of the way soon.

On Tuesday, I saw the movie again at MOMA (Tribeca cut). There was no trace of this event on the Web, and it was not very crowded, so I'm not sure who the audience was. Members, probably. Although not large, the audience was very enthusiastic, reacting in all the right places. Will did the Q&A himself, just pointing out Jon and me. It wasn't a total loss, as I had dinner afterward with the N family, who came as our guests.

Nothing more for "Wordplay" until 5/31 at Makor, though that could change.

The bathtub is very sluggish, even after unscrewing the drain top and removing a huge wad of hair. We're not supposed to use Drano-type products, so I'll need to call maintenance and have them snake out the gunk undoubtedly lurking further down the drain.

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