Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Saturday in the Street, and the rest of the week

Now that the Tribeca festival was over (well, it was going on all weekend, but I wasn't planning to buy additional tickets after my pass ran out), I buckled down to work. At-home grading took top priority and I started sending back puzzles. Almost no one is completing puzzle 5 (hardly a surprise), and they aren't doing so well on puzzles 2, 3 or 7 either.

Will IM'ed me about the Tribeca Family Festival street fair, where IFC had a "Wordplay" booth at Greenwich and Harrison. He was not able to go, but I decided to stop by. By now it was mid-afternoon, so I got dressed and headed down, running into Noam while transferring trains. The street fair was crowded, and I couldn't find any sign of "Wordplay" in the designated place. An information booth was not helpful, but I finally found a media sign-in area which said we were at Jay Street. I had already been there but tried again, and finally found a table surrounded by large puzzle boards across the street from where I originally looked.

The IFC people knew who I was (though I didn't recognize most of them), and sat me down behind the table. They were giving out buttons, posters (which I signed), postcards and puzzle books (Nucky's NYT Teens and one of Helene's kids' books). There was active traffic of people solving the large puzzles, and many families with kids. I helped a few kids with easy puzzles, and it was good to watch their "ahas" and pass this on to another generation.

Josh from ex-work lives across the street, and came by with his girlfriend. It turned out an IFC guy knew him, as they both went to college at Bard. That school turns out interesting, creative people. We closed up at 6, having given away almost everything except some buttons. I took home a bag.

After that, back to the non-film festival routine. Work. Sleep. Eating. Errands.

One more "Wordplay" event - a screening Monday for NYT entertainment advertisers. Will and his intern were also there. It turned out to be the Sundance cut. I find I prefer the Tribeca cut - faster moving and better graphics. The audience didn't go wild, but maybe I'm spoiled by some of the more enthusiastic receptions. Will did the Q&A himself, and pointed out me and Jon (who showed up at the end) in the audience. Afterward there was a reception, and I mingled slightly. A guy from the ad agency said he'd see about getting rid of the wrinkles in my dress in the poster, but I'm not sure it's possible. I'm the only one who notices it.

I've been reading again. I finished "The JAP Chronicles" (really liked it, though it was a tad dark for chick lit), and am back plowing through "Primary Colors." I also started "Easy Street," the true story of the daughter of a Jewish mob guy. The author, Susan Berman, was murdered under mysterious circumstances in 2000, which is the subject of another book on my wish list.

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