Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Tribeca Friday - That's a Wrap

I was constantly changing my original schedule of movies, and this last day was no exception. A woman on line had told me her daughter HATED something on my list and she supposedly likes pretty much anything, while someone else said they loved "Choking Man." So I decided on "Al Franken: God Spoke" and "Choking Man" (both in Lincoln Center).

The Al Franken documentary was OK and amusing enough, though I wasn't sure why this material needed to be in a documentary. I did see Al's wife Franni (onscreen, not in person) for the first time, and there were even some statistical jokes. It's not often I get to use statistics to appreciate a joke. The Q&A was going to be with the directors instead of Al (who had been at some earlier showings), and I needed to get to the next movie, so I left. I had once seen Al Franken in person, doing his comedy act at Caroline's with Tom Davis (with A., in fact).

The next movie was "Choking Man," a dark tale of a shy immigrant working in a Queens diner. It was sometimes painful to watch and there was an air of tension and dread and things were not always as they seemed. Interesting, though a little unsettling. The director and star (who indeed can talk) did the Q&A.

No more audience ballots; they are being totaled for the awards.

Final tally: 11 movies + 1 free "Wordplay" showing which doesn't count, so $13.64/movie which is about even as tickets cost $12 + $1 service charge on the Internet. The pass would have been a better value had I not slept through a few movies, but it was worth it not to have to wait on "door sales" lines and especially not to be bound to any particular films.

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