Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Tribeca "Wordplay" premiere

I'd better update before I forget everything that happened over the past week.

Last Wednesday, I had ambitious plans to see "Marvelous" at noon in the Village, go to the NYT and process the daily puzzles (I did the Sunday Tuesday night after the movies), and then head for the premiere (which started at 5:30, but we had to be there at 5 to pick up tickets).

With my sleep schedule askew, the early movie wasn't going to happen and I was glad to wake up in time to get to the Times. I wore the red dress from the poster. I was able to finish the puzzles by 4 and went to the Lincoln Center theater early. Excitement was mounting.

It was a little too early for people to be there, but I did see Cazique, who was able to sell his unclaimed tickets to people on line. Then various Creadon/O'Malleys, who had come from all over the country in support. Then friends and family started showing up. Besides my ticket contest winners, several people came on their own and it was great to see them. The audience included ex-coworkers, cousins, and friends from elementary school, high school and college, as well as assorted puzzlers. A kind of "this is your life."

It turned out 2 of my contest winners knew each other, even though they went to different Great Neck high schools, and we were able to sit together in the roped-off row. There was also room for my cousins, though they were at the other end so I didn't get to talk to them much.

The new cut had much improved graphics that better illustrated the standings, and allowed the audience to solve along with the contestants. A few segments got cut out, including Leslie and Janet who were there. The Q&A was super-brief, which was a shame considering people had flown in. Although the original schedule had us as the last event in this theater, "Mission Impossible: 3" was now slated for 8:30 and we were kicked out.

Not everyone was going to the pizza party afterward, so I said some goodbyes and got to say, "Merl, meet Merle!" (my 5th grade friend) I had assumed people would walk together to the pizza place, but couldn't find everyone, so just left with whoever was around. Some people didn't make it, and I'm not sure if they weren't going anyway, or didn't know where to go. If that was you, sorry!

It had started to rain, but we got to Ray's before it got really bad. There was pizza set out, but nothing I would eat (onions, pepperoni, chicken with what looked like a spicy sauce). I asked for plain, and some soon came, which got snapped up quickly. I later had another plain (Sicilian) slice. Other puzzlers came to the party who hadn't been at the screening. I probably didn't mix enough, but didn't want to strand my old friends who didn't know anyone. They all seemed to get along well with each other when I was off mingling elsewhere.

I saw our sales agent, as well as multiple Creadon/O'Malleys. I've now seen Patrick's mother 4 times since January, while I haven't seen my own mother in over a year (but that will change in a few days). Patrick introduced me to someone from Indie Wire, which I confused with Wire Image of the minimal Sundance swag. I caught up on some news from my ex-workplace.

The party continued in a bar across the street. I had orange juice and a water. It was Patrick's birthday. He's certainly had quite a year. We finally adjourned around 1:30 a.m. and I took a cab home.

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