Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

A Wordplay interlude before I go back to blogging mostly about Wordplay

I know, I'm behind on blogging, but here's a quick link from New York Magazine's
list of influential people:

John Sloss
Founder, Cinetic Media and Sloss Law Office LLP; principal in InDigEnt
The most powerful film agent in New York, Sloss is the unseen hand sculpting the indie-film world... Sloss is most revered as an entertainment lawyer, lapping every other sales agent in New York and representing the city's hippest film-client list... He has emerged as the top broker at Sundance, catapulting Napoleon Dynamite in 2004, then scoring this year's biggest deal for Little Miss Sunshine.
* * * * *
...as well as representing Wordplay. Only the best!

He was at our Ray's pizza party (and, I assume, the premiere) last week, too.

Also on that New York Magazine list are our co-stars Bill Clinton and Jon Stewart.

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