Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Puzzle Postcript

At the bottom of the escalator coming down from the movie, people were handing out...crosswords! It was Merl's "Puzzling Movies" puzzle made for the festival (see www.nytimes.com/crosswords, under Sponsored Crosswords; this is not the WORDPLAY puzzle in the movie). The bottom of the puzzle mentions "Wordplay" is coming out 6/16 and the reverse side has a Tribeca Film Festival logo (the NYT is a festival sponsor), but the back is mainly an ad for home delivery. Nowhere does it say that "Wordplay" is *in* the Tribeca Film Festival. People would have to look at the schedule and determine this themselves.

They then would see that all "Wordplay" showings are "door sales" only (after having briefly been available again over the weekend) and they can't be guaranteed to get in anyway.

After this, I went to the main Post Office to get stamps (my rent envelope needed a 1 cent stamp), and exited the building, walked around the block and came back in before I found the mailbox to MAIL the rent.

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