Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Manna from Fresh Direct

Since one of the nearby supermarkets just closed and I'm lazy, I ordered Fresh Direct today. Along with everything else were 4 items I didn't order. They were in a box with my name on it (along with the Tide Free I ordered), and not on my invoice, so it's just a mistake.

I called Fresh Direct, thinking they should come pick up the bread crumbs, instant oatmeal, and 2 boxes of penne someone else must be missing, but they just thanked me for my honesty and said to keep it. I put the oatmeal (flavored and too fattening for me) on the table in the laundry room, along with 2 cans of regular Coke that came with Chinese food recently. I now have 3 containers of bread crumbs - I accidentally bought some twice for a recipe I never made. They're in the refrigerator and probably won't go bad, but maybe I'll leave one of those downstairs, too.

In this weekend break between grueling weeks of seeing movies, I need to work.

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