Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

In Texas, maybe it's an 11-syllable word


Wordplay (5 p.m. Sunday): What's an 11-letter word for a film about crossword puzzles? It features ____ Shortz, the New York Times crossword puzzle editor, as well as celebrity crossword fanatics such as He Hosts Daily Nightly, A Civil Filmmaker Who Got Jazzy, and President With a P-Funk Surname. If you think that's all gibberish, maybe Wordplay isn't for you.
* * *
I just wrote the guy:

I don't know what's an 11-letter word for a film about crossword puzzles, but "Wordplay" is an 8-letter word for a film about crossword puzzles.

Just so you know, EVERYONE uses "What's a __-letter word for __?" for leads and headlines in articles about crosswords.

Update: I got a reply, and obviously he's fixed things. He concluded, "That said, it sounds like you'll like this movie." I had to tell him that I was, um, *in* the movie.

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