Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Today's Tribeca Taradiddle

It was back to the Loew's Village for today's Tribeca selection: "Fifty Pills," whose description reads: Darren has just lost his scholarship because of his partying roommate's antics. Now, in order to make his tuition payment, he needs to sell 50 tablets of Ecstasy-graciously supplied by his roommate-over the course of just one day.

If you think about it too much, the plot makes no sense. After seeing the movie, the plot still doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm very anti-drug, so even though the filmmakers took care not to glorify drugs and to keep the mood light, the focus on drugs as a plot point still bothered me. I don't like drunk jokes either.

As the ticketholders' line was heading into the theater, someone greeted me. It was the "Wordplay" publicist, who was there working on "Fifty Pills." I expressed my trepidation that the movie would be too "young" and he said it was very funny. We talked about Tribeca and "Wordplay" and I went on to the theater, choosing an aisle seat in the left section as these have unobstructed views. I overheard someone in the taped-off seats across the aisle say she was a festival juror. Nice work if you can get it.

The director introduced the film, noting there would be a Q&A later. The movie started out comical, but the whole drug thing bothered me, and a lot of the action was over-the-top (on purpose, but I wasn't in the mood). The setting of a dark, ugly dorm reminded me of the dorm-that-looked-like-no-real-college setting of "Threesome," one of the worst movies ever made. "Fifty Pills" was not on that level of horribleness, but I just never bought it. Sorry.

The audience poll ballot is tucked into a Zagat guide specially made for the festival. I don't really need 2 of them, and I surely won't need 15. I'll try to return my extra one next time I go, since they should be able to reuse them. Maybe I should have thrown it in the box with my vote. I gave "Fifty Pills" 4/5 (where 5 is bad). "American Cannibal" yesterday got a 1 (highest).

The afternoon was saved by the Q&A. I'm a starstruck teenybopper at heart, so it's always exciting to see the stars of a film you've just seen appear in person, looking like they look. Up front with the director, producers, writer and director of photography, stood the young star, his movie roommate, and his love interest, Kristen Bell of "Veronica Mars." I've never seen that show, but know of its excellent reputation. Indeed, one of the questioners noted it's the best-written show on TV and asked if it's being renewed (Bell said nothing was final given the merger of the WB and UPN, but things looked promising).

I'm constantly checking if the "Wordplay" site is up (not yet), trailer is online (yes, finally), and Tribeca listing. Today our Tribeca premiere went "door only." My cousins just got 3 tickets, so maybe they put it over the top.

Two movies tomorrow, which I hope are better than today's. Win some, lose some.

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