Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Tribeca eve

Tomorrow afternoon I see the first of 15 movies planned at the Tribeca fest: "American Cannibal," by my former co-worker. Will expects to get the Sunday NYT done early, so I can process that and then go with a clear conscience. After the movie, I'll have to come back and do the dailies.

Already my planned schedule may change, as Patrick and Christine are doing Q&A for next Thursday's "Wordplay" and we were told we could join them although there are no tickets available (similar to the Sundance Sunday showing where we couldn't get into our own movie, but did a Q&A afterward). All the "Wordplay" showings are now "door sales only" except the premiere, which is in an 850-seat theater. I could get in Thursday using my Daytimer pass, so I may forgo Jamie Johnson's (of "Born Rich" fame) "The One Percent" and attend "Wordplay" instead. Or see the other movie and dash uptown for the Q&A. It could work, though it's a little tight.

Speaking of tight, we received a list of upcoming "Wordplay" events, many of which are in New York. Wow, the calendar is filling up! I'm worried they'll show the movie to so many people, there'll be no one left to see it when it actually opens. Not everyone wants to see it multiple times like me. However, IFC knows what they are doing, and these events should generate buzz galore. I'm buzzing like a little bee myself, and I haven't even contacted far-flung friends and family yet.

I got a jury duty qualification questionnaire. Uh-oh. They'd better not call me when I need to travel to DC and LA. IFC will have to write me an excuse: "Please excuse Ellen from jury duty. She is being a movie star this week. Thank you."

I finally finished my First Look ARC book from Harper-Collins, and submitted a review. Not sure I'm allowed to talk about it - it was a fun memoir by a celebrity journalist. I haven't picked up "Primary Colors" in a while, but might go next to "The JAP Chronicles" since someone on BookCrossing wants to trade for it.

With all this excitement, I mustn't forget I have work to do.

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