Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

More laundry fun

I've been putting off doing laundry, as usual, so needed to get it done today. I refilled my card 3/2 (according to my Quicken cash records) so there should be money left on it.

Both washing machines showed ERR when I inserted the card. The card machine also could not read it. Grrrr. I tried buying a new card, but it wanted a $10 bill and I didn't have one.

I could have gone across the street to the supermarket for change, but luckily I had another card with no money on it. The machine did let me refill this with a $20.

Crisis averted. The wash is in the dryer now and I still have to hang up the stuff that didn't get dried.

Now I really need to do Uptown. The NYT puzzles will be ready soon, and I'll do them from home on the laptop - I hope. Also have to check the corrections for the next Parnell Hall book. Busy night ahead!

Oh, my new scale arrived from Smart Bargains. The instructions were almost nonexistent (about 10 different languages in tiny print), but it looks like you just step on it. The weight is in increments of .2, which lends an aura of accuracy that doesn't exist since it differs if you weigh yourself 2 seconds later. I put the old scale in the incinerator room; if it does have a replaceable battery, I didn't see any kind of opening.

Tomorrow is a threatened building workers' strike. Please, no!

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