Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Swag, limos...delusions: the REAL life of a movie star

Our swag experience has been skimpier than Bai Ling's outfits, but I forgot to mention that at the closing night Philly film fest party, we got a mesh bag from a health food store containing playing cards, mints, a pad of paper, and brochures for Philly tourist attractions. Cell phones, leather jackets, designer jewelry - feh, who needs them?

Since my taxes were done a week early (gasp!), I was free to spend my birthday...working! I went up to Westchester and spent the afternoon updating the database with at-home and online registrants. I was particularly finicky about pens, rejecting them for being too fine, too felt-tippy, too fine again. I ended up using a Marriott pen from my purse. The at-home puzzles are coming back fast and furious; be patient, they will be processed soon (I'm getting my helper on board).

Since it was my special day, we went to dinner at Mediterraneo, one of Pleasantville's finer dining establishments. I had clams casino (a tad messy, with little bits of topping not staying on the fork) and veal sorrentino (with eggplant and cheese) with fennel. I don't think I've had that dish since Buon Gusto in Great Neck. I got back to the city around 10.

The next day was Easter. Not my holiday.

On Monday, I got to the Times at 6 pm to work on Sunday's puzzle, as Will was headed for Dallas the next day. It was one of those stressful nights with everything going wrong. I can't figure out the Style section printers; what used to work perfectly well now is temperamental. Of course, after I called tech support, my non-printed items with postscript errors all suddenly decided to print. The puzzle itself also had Across Lite issues I still need to resolve, and one of the Acrostic clues was too long (Mikey confirmed the Java program doesn't like long clues). I left almost 10 pm, and that was just Sunday's puzzles. Dailies won't come until Wednesday night.

This morning I was awakened by a phone call from Patrick. "You're in the New York Times!" WHAT?? It was a Tribeca insert containing a full-page ad with the new poster. He kiddingly told me I was wearing a tuxedo. No sooner did I hear that when I went online to find a note from ex-coworker Marcus (the dudest DUDE of all dudes): "Gurl, I just saw your movie poster. Right On !!!!" with a link to www.chud.com.

It's cute. No trace of the unfortunate depilatory accident. But I'm focusing on my dress which is bunched up and could use a good tug. Eek. Weren't there any pictures where the dress hung properly? Oh well, maybe Oprah will be moved to give me a makeover. Credits: necklace from Nana collection of fine jewels, dress by Ms. Choice petite from Lina collection of fine couture, shoes by Fabio Rusconi from Shoe Inn warehouse sale.

I headed downtown to pick up my Tribeca tickets. Downtown might as well be in Philadelphia; it's another city. On the map the ticket office looked very close to the Canal A/C stop. I got off and headed up 6th past the game show runthrough building from last summer, but didn't see Laight St. after 3 blocks. I crossed over to Varick and headed down, hoping Laight would appear. I finally saw a sign for Tribeca Cinemas, and the ticket office was next door. My Daytimer pass was brought out, complete with the photo I E-mailed. I also picked up my other tickets, all "Wordplay." The 2 paid for with Amex points went through, but they claimed the other 4 had already been printed out. Impossible. They finally gave me my tickets after conferring with someone in the back. Of course I told them I was IN the movie. "Oh, are you an actress?" NO!!! "Actress" has never been something I could do (I got a rare C in junior high Speech class), and here I am in a movie.

I headed back uptown, getting off at West 4th just to buy the NYT at a newsstand on the platform. Wow, look at that, a full page. Then to the post office and supermarket. I arrived home to find a message from AOL that my inbox exceeded 1000 and would no longer accept mail; I cleaned out the junk to get it down to 700. Now I'm wondering what I missed. If you sent mail that bounced, send it again!

Tomorrow's agenda: NYT dailies, Uptown puzzles, laundry.

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