Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

That Umbrella

The soon-to-be-famous bedraggled umbrella seen at the end of "Wordplay" is not actually my umbrella. When my department was gradually being laid off at MetLife in 1996, my coworker DeForest Howland left some items behind, including his blue and white MetLife golf umbrella. Yes, that umbrella.

They were moving me from the MetLife building to Penn Plaza (where a few months later, I too was laid off). I needed to do housecleaning and called DeForest and asked if he wanted his things. He either said no, or I just got the machine. In any case, I took the umbrella home. (The refrigerator we chipped in and bought was just left in a cubicle and for all I know, is still there.)

I've been using the umbrella all this time and it's seen better days. Seeing it in the movie shamed me into buying a new one recently. I used my new red and white non-MetLife golf umbrella for the first time today. Even though the blurb says "lightweight," it's really heavy! Not easy to hold with one hand, while also lugging a Duane Read shopping bag and another bag filled with at-home entries. I will weigh the umbrella when I get my new scale (I ordered one that resembles the glass-topped one in the Philly hotel).

I decided to write DeForest to tell him what his umbrella was up to. The E-mail address I found on Google bounced. I'm too lazy to call, so maybe he'll Google himself and see this. Hey Deef, if you want to auction off your old umbrella for charity, get in touch.

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