Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,


I'm finished with taxes! I just E-filed. My birthday will not be ruined, though I have no plans. And I'm getting a modest refund from both federal and NYS. I've gotten really large refunds the last few years, but cut back my estimated payments this time. As a freelancer, it's impossible to know what my income will be.

I didn't agonize over every penny, so I hope I did it right. There was a moment of panic when E-file found 2 errors, but it just wanted me to put my city and state in some part of the form. And I won't go into how TaxCut wouldn't let me update when I first installed due to a McAfee conflict which I eventually got around.

My income in 2005 was about half that in 2004, when I worked full-time almost the entire year (we had "Super Millionaire" filling the time normally spent in hiatus). That's OK.

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