Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Those wacky celebs, two months ago

I'm about two months behind on my celeb magazine reading, so I'm just now reading Star of 1/30 and seeing that:

1) Gwen Stefani is extending her LAMB clothing line to infants. She says, "Babies have nothing to wear, so I am in the perfect position to rectify that." Does she mean babies come out of the womb naked? Or that before she came along, there were no clothes made for babies?

2) TomKat claimed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that they might name the baby Ellen. Perfectly good name. Or, if it's a boy, they'll also honor Ellen by naming him Dellen. Dellen?

The ink is barely dry on accounts of Eminem remarrying Kim in a lovely, moving ceremony in a Michigan mansion when I now hear oops, forget that, it's kaput again. (I may be behind on mags but I do see gossip on the Web.)

And what happens with Millionaire now that Meredith is taking over at Today? (Oh right, this does not affect me. But I'm still curious.)

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