Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Back to post-tournament life

After waking up at a normal hour (i.e., morning), and having normal-type days in time for the tournament, I'm immediately back to random naps at all hours. That's OK since I don't have to be anywhere when normal people are up.

The week since Stamford has flown by, and I need to be more productive. Taxes (not yet started) are #1 priority, but I also have some work looming.

Saturday was 4/1 and I tried hard not to believe everything I read. I headed out to Brooklyn for LB's birthday party. Jon was the only puzzle person there, but Francis and Rose's "civilian" friends were interesting, intelligent and articulate and we had fun conversations about Australian spiders, regional accents, theater, etc. They have a nice space on the top floor of their friends' house, filled with what must be a record number of CDs.

I traveled back to Manhattan with Jon. He doesn't think we'll be deluged with publicity for the movie. Will maybe, but not the rest of us. It's true that being a crossword champion (even a 7-timer) doesn't make you a media star, but this movie could be bigger. Who knows. We'll see soon enough.

We separated at 59th St. for our train connections, and I realized it was almost midnight and didn't want to go the rest of the way myself. From my days of working at 59th and Park, I remembered the supermarket at 57th near 7th has a nice selection of prepared foods, so emerged to get some groceries. I got several dishes (all of them now eaten), and then took a cab home.

Sunday morning I groggily heard Will's NPR segment. Usually when he presents puzzles from "listener" so-and-so, it's someone we know from the NPL. Last week's "listener" was really a listener, and it happened to be someone I worked with at Equitable almost 30 years ago when he was a summer actuarial student. I E-mailed, and he remembered my "ferocious" crossword solving even back then.

I signed up for Harper Collins First Look a while ago, and was unsuccessful in getting books to review. http://www.harpercollins.com/firstlook/index.asp
One finally came today. Like I don't already have enough to read.

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