Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Brooklyn Hamlet

As you know, I recently went to the wedding of a cousin on my maternal grandmother's side. An argument broke out in the comments exactly how she was related to me.

Also recently, I did the Google images meme where you Google your grandmothers' names. Nothing turned up, so I was idly Googling various family names, and came upon this site: http://brendaadelman.homestead.com/me.html

This story is familiar because Brenda is my cousin on my maternal grandfather's side. We are related in exactly the same way as the recent bride. However, I never met Brenda or her parents. For reasons lost to the ages, her grandparents and my grandparents didn't speak for years. My mother never saw any of those relatives when she was growing up, either.

The older folks did reconcile in the '70s, so I met my great uncle and aunt, but not the rest of their family. My remaining great uncle (who lives near my mother in Florida, and is an incredibly healthy 89) heard things from time to time, so we knew about the murder.

I decided to introduce myself to my long-lost cousin. Through the magic of E-mail and the Internet, that part of the family is no longer lost.

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