Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Pay it forward

In 1999, a client gave me a zip drive as a gift. At the time, I did not want to mess with adding anything to my old computer so it remained unused.

Now I have a new desktop and laptop with lots of storage space, I subscribe to First Backup (which saved me when the old computer died, and let me transfer files to the new one) and .mac (so I can easily move files between the desktop and laptop), and have an iPod with lots of room to store regular files (though I haven't done this). Also, I have a DVD drive if I ever want to store files on DVDs.

So I'll never use that zip drive. No one at my ex-job wanted it, and it's now a little too old to sell, so I checked Craig's List. Sure enough, a starving student was in need of a zip drive. So I packed it into a shopping bag, and left it at my building's desk for a happy student who now has a free zip drive.

That's one less thing cluttering up my apartment; 8 zillion to go.

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