Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Dirty laundry

The last few days, I've been napping a lot and putting off doing laundry. A notice was slipped under the door while I was asleep this afternoon that the laundry room would be closed Monday through Wednesday for maintenance. Since I won't have time this weekend, that meant I HAD to do it tonight. So I finally got everything together.

There was too much for the cart so I put the overflow in a large plastic bag. Later I saw the big, nice new laundry bag I'd gotten as a welcoming gift from Sisters cleaners. I brought everything downstairs and found I only had 50 cents left on my card. I brought my entire wallet down, but the refill machine was not accepting any of my $20s. This was frustrating, as the machine had worked in the past. I tried to buy a new card, but that didn't work either.

I took a break from unsuccessfully feeding bills to the machine and looked at the exchange bookcase. Nothing appealing, which is good since I have a zillion books and a good number of them are from that bookcase. I do bring books BACK to the shelf (in fact, I recognized some of the books as being mine). I tried the machine again, and it still didn't like my bills. The laundry room was crowded due to the imminent closing, but no one offered help or commiseration. There are a handful of washer/dryers that accept coins but I doubted I had enough after cashing in most of them at Commerce Bank at few months ago.

Reluctant to give up and leave since I had already loaded laundry and detergent into 2 machines, I was about to look at the bookshelf yet again, when I noticed a SECOND card refilling machine right next to it. DUH! I had been looking right at it, and in fact had used it in the past. I put in a $20 and this card machine was happy to devour it.

One reason the washers I used were empty might have been that there was some sudsy residue on the bottom. I decided to chance it, assuming the prior person used too much detergent (and hoping it wasn't one of the things causing the maintenance closing). The place was crowded and I didn't have a lot of choice. I had another load, but held it back and used the original washer when the first batch was done. This meant I had to do an extra dryer cycle, but often I have to do two anyway if things don't dry the first time.

Everything went smoothly after the first moments of panic. Dividing the washed clothes between what went in the dryer, and what got taken upstairs to hang dry, I wondered why there were so many peds and pantyhose. I put these in a separate mesh bag so they won't tangle. When I got to the bag, I saw why - I had forgotten to zip it and half its contents fell out. Oh well, things weren't terribly tangled.

While the wash was washing, I went back up and did some cross sums proofreading. I sharpened the pencils. One point broke off. Another one was so uneven I couldn't use it for long. Not my day.

Tomorrow I work, uh, up North, so I need to get up at a reasonable hour.

Books: I finished "The Gift Bag Chronicles" (and immediately got a request for it on Titletrader.com). Hollywood is evil - except for the wonderful "Wordplay" team (some of whom are based in NYC).

I then read "The Nanny Diaries." Loved it! It was sad, too. You want to know what happens to the little boy. My just-married cousin worked as a nanny at one point; she's a writer and is probably kicking herself that she didn't write this book. I also have the authors' "Citizen Girl," which wasn't as well-reviewed.

Next up, a teenage novel by Stamford contestant Ellen Conford.

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