Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Time Marches On

February just flew by. I know, it's a shorter month, but not THAT much shorter.

I turned down a proofreading assignment from the company I did the sea life book for. I also turned down a copy-edit my ex-boss offered me at the book party. This is great progress, as I don't want to overload myself before the tournament. I have more than enough work right now (cross sums, Uptown, LA Times, NYT). I didn't suggest an alternate, but they offered it to someone else from the NPL; I know this because he IM'ed me a few minutes later.

I've been putting off doing laundry. I haven't done it since before the trip and supplies are running low. I still have all that returned dry cleaning (mostly sweaters) hanging in the closet, needing to be folded and put away. I was doing so well before Sundance in getting clothes in order, and then just stopped. At least the newly sewn-on buttons have not fallen off my coat.

I'm scared to wash the furry slippers I got for the trip. They are supposed to be machine washable, but I don't know if they will lose their soft, fuzzy, comfy wonderfulness. I used to walk around barefoot at home, and often got splinters from the wood floors. I now wear these slippers all the time.

I thought I was diligent about saying I didn't want Musical Heritage Society automatic selections, but one slipped by me. I got 2 Mozart flute and clarinet CDs I didn't mean to order. I decided to keep them anyway.

I have more than enough puzzle books, but decided to do an Amazon order since I had another gift certificate through my Amazon credit card. Besides some puzzle books, I got a plunger, support gloves to ease hand cramps from too much mouse use (what I would really like is a glove that feels like my slippers), and a golf umbrella. This replaces the bedraggled umbrella seen in the movie.

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