Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Breaking the Glass

"Marry him or marry me,
I'm the one that loves you baby can't you see?
Ain't got no future or a family tree,
But I know what a prince and lover ought to be"

My cousin's wedding was this afternoon. Actually, her mother and my mother are first cousins, so you figure it out. First came the pregnancy, then the honeymoon (trip to tropical island where proposal was made), then the wedding. The wedding was planned in 5 days, after they decided not to just do City Hall with immediate family. It expanded to a wedding at home with close family and friends. The opposite of Bridezilla.

An officiant was found (a judge, although they're both Jewish), the license was obtained, catering was arranged (http://www.saffron59.com/leftnav/frame.html), and about 30 people invited. We arrived at A's place, a gorgeous Village triplex with a high-ceilinged living room, loft bedroom, upstairs bath that has to be seen to believed (sauna shower, huge sunken hot tub), and basement music studio which will be partially converted into a baby's room.

My mother's entire New York family was there (which isn't saying much, since she has a tiny family), as well as A's parents in from Texas, at least one other band member (I recognized the lead singer, who came with his wife and adorable 7-year-old daughter), and a few close friends. The atmosphere was celebratory, warm and intimate. Everyone was glad to be there.

B and A said their vows, put on the rings, and broke the traditional glass. We had hors d'oeuvres of chicken, shrimp, crab cakes, lobster rolls, and tuna sushi (I skipped that one), and main dishes of noodles, chicken, salad, beef and rice. They found a beautiful cake online, but I skipped that and the other desserts.

A has a brother and B has a sister, so the parents welcomed their new daughter and son into the family, respectively. B's 3 friends did a toast (where they quipped that they were not only her best friends but her only friends) admiring her being able to plan this so quickly, and profusely thanking her for sparing them the need to wear strapless olive green taffeta bridesmaids' dresses. Music played in the background - not their own group, but jazz, Stevie Wonder, Rolling Stones, etc. I sang the praises of Rhapsody and Pandora to one of the guests.

I didn't mention that at Doug's party, I realized that his wife L is a rabbi at the same temple where my sister's high school friend M works. At first, L wasn't sure she knew M but later E-mail ascertained that she did. I wrote M, who not only confirmed she knows L, but said she and her family are huge puzzle fans and they went to see Will speak at the NYT Arts & Leisure weekend last month. So small world once again.

I bring this up because the small world syndrome struck again at the wedding. I was telling B's longtime friend J's boyfriend about the movie and Sundance, and he said his sister was into puzzles and goes to tournaments. His sister is Greg's girlfriend - now fiancee - Jessica. My cousin has even met Jessica and Greg. Everyone knows everyone.

At Stamford a few years ago, a guy came up to me and asked if I knew B. Well, YEAH, she's my cousin. At the time, he was the boyfriend of B's good friend D, who I had met. D was at the wedding, too, though no longer with the Stamford contestant.

Strangely, my mother had not told anyone about the movie. I think she's not completely clear what the movie is and that it actually exists and will be shown in theaters. I had the "Wordplay" Sundance brochure with me and quickly got everyone up to speed. I will invite them to the New York premiere.

My aunt started asking people if they could drive me home, despite my having just told her I could easily get home on my own. It wasn't even late. That's our family for you. I took the subway with no problem, got groceries on the way in, and conked out.

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