Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

It's 1970 again!

February 23, 1970

When I stayed here for most of a reading week, I got very friendly with A, D and S. We have in-jokes now, especially about my reading week donut binge (and I didn't even LIKE them) and names for people (Judy Nittywitty, Bartlets, etc.).

Then there is Course Guide. When I went to the office to bring back the linguistics questionnaires, we all talked about common high school experiences, and the Columbia Scholastic Press Conference. I was walked part way back by L. Then I went to work at the office recently, tried to write up Anthro 1. Didn't get much done but mostly listened to conversations on draft dodging, etc. Then we all went down to the Lion's Den. The best part was M's (on a date) seeing me there. B walked me home but I abruptly said goodbye as I stepped in the door. I was shocked to see him [in my dorm] with this girl waiting by the downstairs elevator the next day, but I ran up to the mezzanine so I doubt he saw me.

Perhaps best was coming to work last Thursday night. I had handed in the Anthro. at the meeting and was pleasantly surprised when L said how great it was and I was the only one on the staff who could write. He gave me Urban Societies to write, which he had trouble with. We talked about common acquaintances from GN, summers, etc. That blond kid I keep seeing went to Science and is M. "That kid scares the hell out of me," said L, after M recited some statistics from last year's book. The best part was the end of the night. L and I were the only ones there. Finally he said "I'll walk you home." Just then L's roommate came back from an interview for the Committee on Instruction. He made me feel honored, sort of, and they both gallantly escorted me home. L is just plain NICE; I don't feel ill at ease with him. [He had a girlfriend]

Today I spent a lot of time at WKCR, first typing up a stencil. Then I was supposed to take a shift, but R (who dedicated "Sit Down, I Think I Love You" to C) came to produce the show when no one else showed up (N preceded me and we thought we'd have to play the same few records over and over again) and took the shift, too. Luckily B let me have his Thursday "White Noise." I stayed around awhile. R2 was there. It had been SO GREAT listening to him during intersession. E talked of drugs and turning different people on. They're not going to get me! B, readmitted flunkout who supposedly isn't allowed in the station, was pretty nice. Somehow I never sparkle at WKCR but Course Guide finds me unusually personable.

I could have been picked up in Physics today (a boy who came in late copied my notes) but went upstairs to the 9th floor afterward with M. I wish [male M] were in my recitation. Wonder if I'll ever see him again. The boy in Math who somehow reminds me of [my cousin] has been sitting near me lately.

Got a very nice, unexpected letter from J Friday.

I WISH I could open up more.
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