Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Blasts from the past

Tonight I went to a party celebrating Doug Gordon's book release.


There was a small enclave of other ex-Millionaire people among the large crowd. We stuck together and caught up. They ranged from a guy I hadn't seen in 6 years, to Francis, who I see (or at least am in touch with) all the time.

Before that, I was at the Times doing the usual. The full week's puzzles were ready, getting us back on track. While finishing up, I got an IM from my former boss. Actually, boss's boss. Or boss's boss's boss? News of the movie travels fast. A man who sits nearby said he saw something on CBS recently about "Wordplay," but I'm not sure what that was. Maybe it was really CNN?

This has been a busy week. I've gotten dressed every day since Sunday. Last night I had dinner with my new Barnard mentee at Symposium (Greek). I hadn't been in ages (the restaurant opened when I was an undergrad), but want to go again as soon as possible. I got the combination plate, which was a huge amount even after I gave almost half of it away. There was plenty left over, plus pita and dipping things. I should have had it wrapped but was too full to think of ever eating again. N wants to write, has had some great internships and experience, and is taking time off to explore the Andes after graduation.

Books: I finished "So 5 Minutes Ago" (evil Hollywood novel) and started immediately on its sequel, "The Gift Bag Chronicles." I hope it won't be too painful to read about swag, considering my lack thereof. My mentee is majoring in Philosophy and reads things that would make my head explode. If she sees this, she will think (make that KNOW) that I am shallow.

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