Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,


I watched 2 TiVo'd nights of Olympics just now, so these comments are slightly belated. Better than my 2-month-old entertainment magazines, or 8 or so year-old regular magazines.

The snowboarding commentators kept talking about errors. Big errors, impressive errors, spectacular errors. I'm not a snowboard expert, but I didn't see what was so erroneous. I finally realized they were saying AIR, not error. Never mind!

The men's figure skating long program was the primary event. I couldn't figure out why Plushenko had such a commanding lead. He was more like a jumping machine. Several of the others were much more graceful and exciting. Not that I'm qualified to comment (but that doesn't stop me).

I'm looking forward to seeing what Emily Hughes can do (go, Great Neck North!), though I don't know if she'll be as spectacular as her sister. When Sarah won, I was super-excited and left a message of congratulations on a GNN alumni site. I don't know if Sarah saw it, but my classmate B as well as former neighbor S saw the message, and E-mailed me. By the way, the Hughes family are said to be crossword fans.

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