Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Let It Snow

Whenever it snowed during school, everyone was fixated on the windows. The teachers said, "What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen snow before?" but we still were riveted.

All these years later, snow still fascinates. I still get a thrill when the radio lists school closings and the Great Neck Public Schools are closed. I just checked the web, and on Monday the Great Neck schools are... CLOSED! Yay, snow day!

Oh wait...

Just to be fair, I checked Columbia. Open. :(

Harvard School of Public Health (I'm not even sure how much it snowed in Boston). Open :(

I didn't find anything about Equitable, MetLife or ABC, but the city seems to be in reasonable shape and I'm sure we, I mean they, are going about business as usual.

None of this affects me anyway, as I work at home. Unfortunately, I can't revel in the snow day giddiness as I've let work pile up and need to get it done, snow or no snow.

I just handed in LA Times. Next is Uptown, then at-home grading. I also need to get started on cross sums.

I'm glad I did the Fresh Direct order Saturday morning. The freezer is loaded with food. I probably could have thrown on boots and gone across the street for supplies, but I much prefer being inside in my warm, furry slippers.

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