Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Swag, Baby!

N's family was out of town, so we were going to meet Friday and see a play she had free tickets to. At the last minute, she found something better: front-row seats at the Fashion Week Alice+Olivia show featuring "America's Next Top Model" contestants, in return for an eBay donation to the Susan Komen breast cancer charity. The auction was in the name of the head of the company and was verified to be legit.

I'm about the last person you'd expect to attend a fashion show but why not. When I arrived to wait outside, I immediately felt unfashionable compared to the young, hip, well-dressed crowd. I did have on my Steve Madden boots.

The people tending the door were young, pretty girls who had no clue about the auction, even though N had spoken to someone on the phone and brought her E-mails as proof. We finally got inside, checked our coats and waited some more. Much of the crowd was standing room, but we wanted our front-row seats! Eventually, they bumped two women out of their seats to accommodate us.

Under the seats was... SWAG! Bottled water and candy, which I gave to N for her daughter. We chatted with the women next to us about my lack of swag at Sundance (but didn't mention why I was at Sundance). They were from an ad agency.

The lights dimmed and loud rock music pulsated, as the show began. A phalanx of photographers lined the back to record the proceedings.

Since I never watched "America's Next Top Model," seeing the contestants in person meant little to me. The models all looked young and goyish (no surprise). The clothes were too young and hip for me to ever considering wearing, but seemed like SOMEONE could wear them (as opposed to runway pictures of clothes that no one in their right mind would wear in public). My favorite model danced energetically to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Across the aisle I saw a familiar blond mane - Lizzie Grubman! She was smiling and seemed to be enjoying the show. Afterward, they removed the chairs in record time to clear the space for a party. As we walked around, we realized we didn't know a soul. We had a few hors d'oeuvres, mostly Asian rolls. A bald guy looked a lot like Moby. I later learned it WAS Moby, and that Mena Suvari and Brandon Davis were also there.

There didn't seem to be any dinner-like food, so we headed out to eat. At the exit, we were handed a bag of...MORE SWAG! ElleGirl magazine, energy drink, coffee beans, playing cards, eye shadow, and hair serum. Better than a book on credit. The wait at La Zie was too long, so we went to Momoya and sat at the sushi bar where I had a tempura sampler of shrimp, crab (my favorite), pumpkin, onion and other vegetables.

Due to the upcoming possible blizzard, I had ordered Fresh Direct for this morning and needed change for the tip. I also needed some items in Duane Reade but didn't see one immediately, so got a bagel on the way to the subway in order to break a $10.

Now the Fresh Direct is in the refrigerator and the sun is shining. We'll see if this massive blizzard is just hype. Meanwhile, I need to get some work done.

Books: I finished "The Year of Living Famously," a chick-lit about a struggling fashion designer who marries a struggling Irish actor, only to have their lives change when he hits big in a movie and becomes mega-famous.

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