Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Worst Sundance Swag Ever

I wear XL T-shirts as nightshirts. Even size L's are too small for this purpose; I'm fatter than I look, and I like these to be practically like dresses. I decided to wear my newly acquired swag WireImage T-shirt tonight. It seemed awfully small. It's an M! Geez. That's no use to me at all, as I never wear T-shirts as actual shirts.

So let's review the swag from Sundance:

Weird book on credit: left on bookshelf of Puzzle Palace

WireImage 2006 calendar: nice pics of celebs, but it's large and unwieldy, and I already started using a 2006 calendar from Bose. To be left on laundry room giveaway table.

WireImage T-shirt: size Medium. I'll probably throw it in the donation bin by the supermarket.

I am keeping the "Wordplay" pencil, promotion card, and buttons (one with pencil, one with glue stick).

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton sits in a mansion somewhere with 20 of every item vendors were throwing at her. Oh well, what is SHE the best in the country at?

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