Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

This Hollywood stuff could give a person an ego


Next I screen Wordplay, the crossword puzzle doc. It’s a real crowd-pleaser with cameos from Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart and the Indigo Girls. It’s molded a bit in the form of Spellbound, the spelling-bee doc, and is therefore a little derivative. However it’s the kind of film that acquisitions execs are trolling for, so it’s likely to sell and it is genuinely entertaining even if it’s 10 minutes too long like so many films. The finalist from New York should probably have a documentary made about her alone.
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I just read Iris Rainer Dart's "Show Business Kills" which once again shows that Hollywood is evil. Also finished Fannie Flagg's "Welcome to the World, Baby Girl" which at first seems to be about a small MO town, then a NYC anchorwoman, and ends up being much more than all that.

I've been home over a week now and need to work more and Google less.

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