Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Booking it

As you know, I have a little problem with acquiring too many books. I have almost 900 unread books (I know this because I cataloged them on bookcrossing.com and am working on keeping a similar list on librarything.com), so the last thing I need is MORE books.

The NY Times has an annual employee book sale that always has great stuff at great prices. Two years ago, I forced myself not to go. The sale went on all last week, and this year, I wasn't able to muster up similar willpower.

I was at the Times Wednesday doing next Sunday's puzzle, but got done after the sale closed. On Thursday, I finished around 7 and the sale closed at 8. I grabbed 7 Advance Reader's Copies (ARCs) for $1 each, most of which are on my "want list." Due to time constraints and the fact that everything Friday is half-price, I figured I'd make a special trip in Friday to get more.

I was trying to talk myself out of this but was unsuccessful and got to the Times around 1 pm. I printed out my "want list" and "have list" so I would have guidance. Will arrived and we went to the auditorium, which was FILLED with books. Will picked up a few reference books (computer terms glossary, Life magazine retrospective, and archaeological atlas that had no danger of going out of date like the beautiful but 1971 atlas also for sale). I stayed on - for 4 more hours, as I was determined to check out every book.

I was pretty good about keeping to the list and ended up with 19 more books for $27. This haul included Doug Gordon's book http://www.engagedgroom.com/index.htm, "He's Just Not That Into You" (which could be my slogan), "The Gift Bag Chronicles," "The Ivy Chronicles," a Worth trivia encyclopedia different than the one I already have, "Awakenings" (the basis for one of my favorite movies), and several other books from my list. I saw Kaplan's "Airport" twice and was mistakenly looking at my "have list" and then realized it was indeed on my "want list"; by then, I forgot where I had seen it.

Oh yeah, I got "Getting Organized" by Stephanie Winston. No comment necessary.

They had the real books for two of the ARC's I'd bought Thursday ("The Chosen," about elite college admissions, and "The JAP Chronicles" - I guess I'm into chronicles). I considered buying them but decided it would be silly to get the same book AGAIN, though my "Chosen" ARC lacks an index.

I borrowed a postal bin to carry the books back to Will's desk. I didn't think I would be able to carry them in one trip home, even with 2 shopping bags, but it wasn't too bad so I carted them uptown on the bus.

Where I'll put all this, I have no idea. I'm starting a new pile under a chair for now.

In other news, I finally unpacked from the trip. There's still a pile of magazines from my flight bag I need to put away, and the extra bag at Will's but it's nice not stumbling over suitcases. The broken zipper on the plaid suitcase miraculously isn't broken anymore (but maybe it has a way of splitting apart at times), but the broken strap on the garment bag is unfixable so I sadly brought that to the garbage room.

The "Wordplay" publicist E-mailed that the CNN segment aired today, but I haven't seen it though I watched CNN a bit tonight. Some friends I haven't seen in a while E-mailed to say they'd seen it (Hi, B & L!).

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