Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The Close of the Trip

I had tickets to an 8:30 a.m. movie, so it was another early day. On the uncrowded theatre loop bus, a guy sat down right next to me - and told me he had seen and loved "Wordplay." He's in charge of programming for a Boston film festival and already approached Patrick about showing it. If our movie is sold at Sundance (and it looks like it will be), I'm not sure if they'll want to go to other festivals or just wait for a commercial release. I'm willing to support the movie in festivals, if asked (media whore!).

The movie was "Who Needs Sleep" which is basically my slogan. This was by veteran cinematographer Haskell Wexler, about long hours by Hollywood crew leading to sometimes fatal traffic accidents. While I appreciate that long hours and fatigue are not good, I'm not sure how strong the case is that the employers are directly responsible. It was a good educational, activist piece which I could envision on public television. Wexler answered questions afterward.

In what was becoming typical Sundance tradition, the couple next to me and I conversed. I gave them "Wordplay" buttons and the woman said she knew someone who knew us - it was Dean! Small world, as always. My neighbors recognized Roger Ebert (finally, a celeb!) and we saw his white head in the audience.

I envisioned a marathon day of 4 movies. I had tickets to "Quinceanera" at 2:30 and wanted to try to get in to "Sherrybaby" (with Maggie Gyllenhaal) at noon and "Art School Confidential" at 6. There was also a 1 pm showing of our movie at the Sundance Institute, an hour away. Some puzzlers were planning to go, but I hadn't paid attention to the transportation arrangements as I thought I was seeing another movie.

I realized I needed to confirm the airport van for Tuesday, so headed home instead of trying for the noon movie. I did the van business, and found everyone was going with editor Doug shortly in his (actually Patrick's) Suburban. I had no ticket, but we knew Christine had a bunch, so I decided to make the trip, forfeiting my other movie (Sundance must make a lot of money with people not showing up and wait listers taking their place). Merl, Marie, Tyler, Al, Stella, and Brian went, too.

I'm glad I did. The ride through the mountains was scenic and beautiful. Sundance is literally a retreat, with several wood-paneled buildings and a ski area right there. Amy and Lisa also arrived (Lisa was finally able to see the movie). While waiting in the lobby, we saw a lovely "older" woman with no makeup. "That's Glenn Close!" someone said. Wow, another celeb.

Doug managed to find me a ticket, and we sat in the back row and saw the movie. This time, I was able to be absorbed all the way through and get lost in the story. I STILL cry in many places. I am loving this movie. The celebrities seem almost superfluous, though I realize they help sell the film. The tournament story is just riveting, even though I already know the outcome.

We did another Q&A and there was an especially warm feeling with this audience. Chatting among ourselves outside, we were joined by Glenn Close, who asked to meet us(!) She is not a puzzler but heard good things about the movie, and enjoyed it. Classy lady (pix to come). There was also a warm feeling among the "Wordplay" gang, and we were invited to a birthday party for Patrick's 2-year-old. We stopped at home and picked up Stella's quiches and vegetables which would otherwise go to waste, and headed for the party condo, which was just around the circle from ours. This was more like an apartment building than our unit. We had pizza and other food with the family. We were wondering if there would be an "announcement" but not yet.

Back home, Trip and Brian revealed they had finally gotten some swag! They went to a GLAAD party, and received books, CDs, grooming items, and something in a metal pail.

Christine had invited us to another party later, given by our sales agent. We arrived at the bar fashionably late (well, at 10 instead of 9:30). With a few gestures, Anne got us in the door despite the crowd outside. She led us to an upstairs room to dump our coats. We stayed there a while, getting introduced to (and having photos taken with) Rachel Dratch from SNL and Morgan Spurlock of "Supersize Me." Busy day, celeb-wise. The party was a little intimidating (I'm not good at mingling, though a handful recognized me from the movie), but they had excellent hors d'oeuvres (we figured out where to stand to get them fresh out of the oven). One room had dancing, but the only time they played something good (Usher's "Yeah") no one was dancing and I didn't want to initiate it. The buzz about "Wordplay" is better than anyone expected, and everyone is thrilled. Close to 1 a.m. I smelled pot and decided to head home, not even saying goodbye to those still there.

Looking at pictures of the party (which include the women of "Wordplay" posing with Morgan Spurlock), I see the following people were also there: Timothy Hutton, Kevin Smith, Michael Rapaport, Russ Tamblyn and (Tyler's gonna die!) Amber Tamblyn. http://editorial.gettyimages.com/source/search/FrameSet.aspx?s=ImagesSearchState%7c0%7c-1%7c28%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c1%7c%7c%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c7%7ccinetic%7c-8193%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c0&p=7&tag=3 [UPDATE: link is no longer working. Click on it and search Cinetic Sundance].

Coming in we saw small shopping bags lined up near the door. Finally, swag! I grabbed a bag on the way out, and opened it while waiting for the trolley. Huh? It was a book on credit. I rustled through the tissue paper, looking for a hidden gift certificate. Nothing. Strange. I ended up leaving the book on a shelf in the condo.

Busing out to Deer Valley one last time, I felt nostalgic about the trip and wished I could be there longer. I didn't get to see nearly enough movies, though many will undoubtedly be released commercially. Going home may be a letdown, but it looks like this is the beginning of a wild ride.

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