Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Sunday at Sundance

Trip and I had tickets to an 8:30 Shorts program (as opposed to our Shortz program), and Dean joined us. On the bus was the Columbia dean who Will met yesterday, and our Dean went over and wrote down his winning NPR entry. Dean assumed he could get in off the wait list at that hour, and was right. A guy sitting near us was the DP on the first short and gave us bug buttons. Not far into the piece, Dean whispered, "Why did you bring me here?" and I agreed it was pretty horrible. Trip, on the other hand, liked it. It was supposed to be a horror film, but was just too creepy for me. At the Q&A later, someone pointedly asked if the filmmaker would be doing any more homoerotic date rape movies.

A few other shorts were OK, and Bob Odenkirk's piece about a guy taking his clueless date to a Holocaust Museum was funny. We were most affected by the dialogueless "Fourteen." "Wow," we all said as the screen faded to black. The filmmaker (who brought along the excellent 13-year-old star) said she originally had 12 pages of dialogue, but realized it would be more effective without any. The shorts are now online at http://festival.sundance.org/2006/watch/index.aspx.

Next was the "Wordplay" brunch at a restaurant on Main Street. We were welcomed by the O'Malley/Creadon clan, and Anne soon told us there was a new group present: potential buyers. One of them looked familiar - it was the man across the aisle from me and Will on the flight (who had the same headphones). I prodded his memory, and he soon recalled seat 26C and the girl who climbed over us. We were pulled away for various photo ops including a segment where we talked the anchor through Sunday's puzzle. For one piece we needed full plates of food in front of us, which made Al really hungry as he had not yet eaten. The food was good, with things like scallops as well as traditional brunch food. They only had onion bagels, so I did not taste Utah bagels.

I was determined to see more movies (I had a long list of things I wanted to see), so headed for the Holiday complex to check out the waiting lines. The 6 pm "Wordplay" (which was so booked we were just told to show up for Q&A afterward) in the same complex already had a line. I opted for "KZ," about the Mauthausen concentration camp. I was #43, and got in. I think everyone made it, as there were a few empty seats up front. The movie was grim, as expected. Most affecting were graphic descriptions of the gas chambers, and interviews with widows of SS officers who claim they had no idea what went on.

By then, "Wordplay" was starting, and I confirmed there was no room for me in the theater. In the hallway a woman and her friend recognized me. We had all just seen "KZ" but they were also at Saturday's "Wordplay." We talked and exchanged blog info, and the conversation soon appeared on her blog. http://sundancefilmfestival2006.blogspot.com/

Anne was there and assured me I could get back into the building when it was time for Q&A. I walked around the nearby Albertson's (I really needed some lip balm, but didn't get any since I'm often allergic to its ingredients), but nothing much in the attached mall was open and it was cold, so I headed back. Some of the puzzlers were already in the lobby. I met more people from the sales group, who were well-spoken, knowledgeable and optimistic. Our movie is in good hands.

We were let in as the finals scene was starting, and it affected me yet again. I had learned at the brunch that people laughed at my final shot because it featured me struggling with a torn-up umbrella. Oh no, my mother will be so ashamed! We stood in single file against the wall. It seemed like a lot of people streamed out before the Q&A, though a few came back as they passed us and realized who we were. This Q&A went OK (there were still lots of people), though the general feeling was that this audience wasn't quite as enthusiastic as yesterday's.

I considered trying to get into a Ralph Nader bio (which Will attended), but thought it best to get back and eat. I had been out since early morning. Before dispersing, we took group shots of the puzzlers and production people, and insisted Anne get in the shot.

Home at the Palace, we found Amy with her friend and her friend's friend, as well as Byron and Mary. We are quite the social hub. The chicken was taking a while to cook (which also happened previously; either our oven is slow or Utah chickens do not want to be cooked), so we played more Encore, if I recall correctly. Will had been invited to a fancy Discovery Channel party, but instead came home after the long Nader movie; he's leaving early Monday and agreed to take a tote bag of my overflow stuff.

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