Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The Rest of Friday, Baby

Sorry, I had no time to blog the rest of the trip. I'm writing this Tuesday (hence, past tense), and hope I can remember everything.

Friday afternoon, we went to the Wire Image photo shoot in the HP building. Someone mentioned Christine had her make-up done and "looked gorgeous" but no one offered to fix me. Outside in the lobby, we took snapshots that were displayed all week (along with everyone else's) as part of a demonstration of HP's photo printers. We got copies in leatherlike cases.

Both photo shoots had light refreshments and drinks available, but none of the famous Sundance "swag" of free merchandise. At Wire Image, we did get a bag with a calendar and T-shirt. Swag, swag, we want swag!

Shepherding us through the shoots was "Wordplay"'s PR person, a Courteney Cox double named Anne. We were all impressed with her energy and efficiency, and by the end of our stay everyone wished we had an Anne to organize our lives. Will and Patrick/Christine had especially daunting schedules that Anne managed to keep in order.

After posing, it was back to Deer Valley. The weather hadn't been bad during the day, but night brought bitter cold. We were headed for a party in Patrick's sister's condo nearby but took the shuttle 2 stops rather than walk. We then had to climb a hill of confusingly numbered buildings to find the right place. It looked like our condo except bigger.

At the party, we were introduced to Patrick and Christine's large extended families. Parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, little children, friends were all around. It is a warm, supportive group; we saw them several times and I felt practically Irish by the end of our stay. We hear another shift of family is coming in for the end of the festival.

There was homemade chili (not spicy at all) and salad. Everyone is tremendously excited about the movie. Besides family and puzzlers were people who worked on the movie. One friendly guy named Doug introduced himself as the editor and said he felt he already knew us as he helped cut 90 hours of footage down to 90 minutes. He also already knows us because he reads our blogs – Hi, Doug!

People who have seen the movie told me I did not need to be apprehensive about how I came across onscreen. Merl described me as "f-ing lovable" and "adorable." Patrick gave a short speech thanking everyone. A cake decorated with the theme entries of the film's main crossword was brought out.

Amy had borrowed her friend's car and offered a lift back, which I happily took. The rest of the Puzzle Palace decided to walk (brrrr). We dropped Vic Fleming and Susan at the parking lot and then returned to the Palace, where Amy got a quick tour. Pictures will be posted of the infamous boys' room with its bunk beds.

I can now reveal that this http://www.resortquestparkcity.com/rental/house.html?ID=57&Avail=&Stay= is the Puzzle Palace. Although we had a beautiful living room with a high ceiling and huge windows, we tended to congregate in the dining area, laptops out. Sometimes IMs were sent across the table. I guess this means we're nerds.

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