Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Continued Countdown to Sundance

Hair - washed

Grooming - done

Work - sent in

Wardrobe - wearing travel outfit (including the fishnets, since no one will really see them), still have to put together the rest

Packing - electronic equipment is ready, other stuff is piled in a laundry cart. I'm probably bringing too much, but inevitably I forget an item I take for granted at home (one time it was the makeup sponge; I had to wet hotel washcloths instead)

I finished "The Curse of the Singles Table" (again, that's NOTHING. Oh well, she wrote it before I could). It's due at the library the day before I get back, but I'm not sure I'll have a chance to run down the street today to return it. If not, it'll only be a day or two overdue (depending if I get back before the library closes).

I'll eat red peppers for breakfast, since I'd have to throw them out otherwise. Maybe some cereal, too. My weight was very high today. Sigh.

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