Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I could really get into this unemployment thing

Even though I've been on hiatus since 12/24, and busy with freelance puzzle editing work the entire time since then, knowing since June 2 that the hiatus is "permanent" makes everything different.

I'm still going through mixed emotions about not being back at the day job, and there are some people I need to talk to - but the emerging bottom line is: Wow, I could really get used to this!

My freelance load is slightly lighter than usual (purposely: I haven't aggressively pursued all the publishers), so I'm taking time to do things for myself. Since absolutely everything needs to be done, this is a mind-boggling task.

In terms of material items, in some ways I have everything, and in other ways I need everything. I need to see what's here (and maybe even catalog that), figure out what is needed, and discard along the way.

There is no way I could get bored. Here's what I can do - read the piles of books and magazines that are threatening to overtake my apartment, clean out years of computer files, go through masses of paper and memorabilia and notes, watch the hundreds of shows I've videotaped, keep up with TiVos before they scroll off, watch Netflix DVDs that are costing a ridiculous sum since I keep them forever, play the piano, do puzzles, play trivia and other games, solve the Enigma, keep up with people by IM and E-mail, go through closetsful of clothes, do grooming such as hair removal and skincare, exercise (miracles could happen), and clean, clean, clean.

Oh, and I happen to live in the most exciting city in the world, so there are a few opportunities OUTSIDE the apartment. The Time-Out New York, New York and New Yorker magazines could finally get opened and used. I could actually get together with people and do things.

I'm taking baby steps. This morning the air conditioner guy cleaned the filter, and the venetian blind guy took the broken blinds away (though from what he said, they may attempt to fix rather than replace them - they looked too far gone, and I'm worried about the result). I scrubbed black dirt off the window sill in preparation for their visit, swept near the bathroom, and cleaned the scale. Then I put a wire storage rack scavenged from the garbage room in the bathtub, and scrubbed that down so I can put things on it.

I'm going to a Book Crossing lunch today, at Housing Works Cafe. I joined BC in January (saw something on Ray Hamel's site), and have done nothing to record or trade my books but this should inspire me. I'll get rid of a few books - but knowing me, I'll take more.

I need to be forced to shop, so I registered for http://girlsnightout.sheckys.com/summer2005/default.asp?rf=alist. If nothing else, there will be various freebies and goodies. I hope they have try-on rooms since I cannot buy clothes otherwise. But there are also shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.

Life is exciting. There is just no time for a pesky old JOB!

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