Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Could this be more mundane?

Yesterday was the inverse of Monday, as I went back and forth picking up the clothes I had dropped off at the cleaners. This had to be carefully planned, as I couldn't carry everything at once, and was also dropping off 2 more bags.

First stop: the new Asian sisters place across the street. I brought a second bag (I had a $5 coupon to use), and picked up the first. The woman showed me she was not able to get rid of the staining on my characteristic polka-dotted dress (the one shown in the icon, in fact). There's some runniness that kind of blends in with the fabric, and I assured her it had been there for a while. I'm not sure she understood me, but there were smiles all around. I would like this place to do well, since it is really convenient. I'll see later how good the cleaning was.

I brought that bag home, hung it up (and realized there was no room in the hall closet for any more thick cleaning bags), and went on my next mission. First, to Broadway and the bank to deposit some checks (money going INTO the bank, always a good thing, though I had to cash one of the checks to pay for all the cleaning). Then to Duane Reade for shoe liners (so my new shoes and boots can stay fresh), a shower cap (the old one lost its elasticity - they only had green instead of my usual pink), the shampoo I forgot last time, and powder. Then to pick up from cleaner #2. I walked in, and my stuff was already hanging at the desk. They apparently recognized me from the street, and got it ready. New York City is really a small town.

Home again with that load of cleaning, which I hung in the back of the big front closet since the bedroom and hall closets are full. Then back out with the last bag of cleaning, and a book package to be mailed. Ideally, I should have dropped off the cleaning, gone to the PO to mail the package, and then come back to the cleaner to pick up that cleaning. But the bag wasn't that heavy so I went to the PO first. The line was really long, so I used the machine, picking the exact amount of a Media Mail stamp. I hope it goes through OK, though this is just a Titletrader.com trade, so if it's delayed I doubt I'll have an annoyed customer like on Amazon (that nasty feedback is still there - however, it looks like the refund has not yet been sent so she may not know about it).

Finally, to the last cleaner. The bag to go had a large number of sweaters and blouses including several vintage linen Nana items, a jumper my sister was wearing in the 1968 yearbook, and a skirt/blouse outfit, coming to a hefty sum. The total of all this cleaning is quite a bit, but some of the stuff was sitting around for years. This cleaning too was hung in the front closet.

Next step is to unwrap all the clothes, try them on, and put them away. Once I unwrap the sweaters, I'll pile them in the shelf in the bedroom closet (until they are too high to reach) and in my baby dresser with the wooden animals, but for now everything's hanging. At one point I hung my blouses by color in the hall closet and a lot of that is still intact. I've made progress in clothes sorting out, but there is still plenty to do. For someone who has so many clothes, I only actually wear a few things; sorting out what fits and what will never fit will happen soon.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to spend most of my time working at home in XL T-shirts.

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