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Back in the time machine to 1970 (Happy New Year, 1969-style)

Monday, January 12, 1970

There's a lot to catch up on, but I'll try to make it short since there's also work to catch up on this first day of reading week.

Right before I left for Xmas vacation, I developed a strange euphoric affection for CU. That day at lunch, I sat with M, M2 and F, whose sister is a junior here and is a "genius who has a beautiful social life." M2 said how she was much less religious than most of the Yavneh kids and was jealous of all the couples at a movie she went to. I thought she was rather flirty at the Wollman mixer.

Xmas was good in many respects. The party at M's house was horrendous - all these druggy high school kids, and [situation that made me so jealous I still can't bear to write about it 36 years later].

We went to fetch Mr. E, meeting maxi-coated B right before, but were very depressed when we found he'd moved. N and I went to M2's, where sat R, E and B. E seems to want to leave school; she had called me about transferring to Barnard. Something came on the radio which sounded familiar - M2 said it was on "Switched-On Bach" (3rd Brandenburg).

I finally got through on the phone to R at the party (people didn't know who I was) and he said above the din that R2 and M were back so N and I returned. I also eventually saw E and P (whose hair was long and to whom I had little to say). It was unbelievable relief to see D in M's room. A was in there, acting rather strangely and talking about some "fine mescalin" he took at college. He made sort of a spitting laugh when I reminded him of the M. Silver Hammer thing when he and M called me before Thanksgiving [and told J that "M. Silver Hammer" called]. D liked my "new" glasses.

There was hardly anyone left who I knew. E and R didn't want me around when they were talking in the kitchen. Before, I had eaten many homemade cookies though not terrifically hungry. J had made an eggplant concoction [the party was the Eggplant 18, the follow-up to the previous year's Sour 17]. The whole thing was depressing. It was ridiculous for D, D, C, etc. to degrade h.s. hippies. What do they think THEY were? (are?)

M had disappeared again and seemed unlikely to return. R sat with his head buried in the kitchen table. I asked D for a lift home. The S's came home and after D thanked Mrs. S for the use of the house, I asked her how she could stand it. Also in the car were C, B and J. J lost, literally, his license and also had so many violations they wanted him to see special remedial films on safety.

I felt very stuffed and had a little orange juice. Spoke to Linda a long time on the party horrors. She said kids were smoking in the living room. At about 4 a.m., I couldn't stand it any longer and, after a drink of water, threw up. I hadn't done it in years but I really wanted to. Mommy had heard and cleaned up a bit. I later did it again around 6 a.m. Mommy cleaned it again, and I finally took some medicine.

I lived on tea and toast and wondered if I'd ever regain my appetite. Too bad I did.

Then there was class reunion day. I arrived to blaring music at M's - the best of Cream album. A REALLY great song, "Badge," followed. M and I said very little. I had one of R's cookies, the first real food since the party. M was reading "To the Lighthouse" so I'm glad I didn't give him that as a present. R met B on the way, and she admired the S Xmas tree. We picked up J. The reunion was held in Room 7. "Oh my god, it sounds like lunchtime," said R. I talked to Mr. E, N and E, I (who had a friend from college along). I told J about my stomach trouble. He said I was crazy to take physics. Left at the very end with M, J and R. We went to J's (I thought I'd never be there again) and sat around in the den. We took J's laundry to the laundry, and then picked up C and L. C has a boyfriend at school. In Chop Meat Charlie's, we were in a riotous mood. R was being sort of obnoxiously gracious to the waitress and J thought of sending M a singing telegram for his birthday the next day.

We walked up Middle Neck to Walls (R told me about people's board scores) where M bought the Plastic Ono Band, and the Stones' "Let It Bleed." J said he wanted to live in GN in the future after R remarked its population was aging [he didn't]. C was dropped off at her house and we went back to J's. I was surprised they never got rid of me though I always seemed to be tagging along. We sat in J's room but his stereo was bad. J called L. We talked about Bruce Jay Friedman's "Stern" and puzzles.

We went to M's to use his better stereo. J's mother had returned from her doctor in Yonkers (by cab) and needed a special cast-girdle in Little Neck so J dropped us off at M's. The records were bad except the first song on the Stones ("Gimme Shelter" [still one of my all-time favorites]) and no one said anything. I had the last R cookie. M and R disappeared. After going to the bathroom, I went into M's room. R was reading "The Sandbox." The presents were piled on M's desk. My only function seemed to be pouring Coke. M said, "Shut up. I never heard anyone talk so much in my life!" every time I did open my mouth. He let R read one of his letters. When E called, R told her the telegram plans with his hands around the phone. M was annoyed and said it sounded like a gas leak. In the kitchen, his sister was wrapping presents. Very homey. J came back and I told him the telegram was taken care of. His sister waited in the car so he took us home then.

I forgot that the night before, we (M, E and I) went to the chapel for R's [a different R - there are 3 female and 1 male R, and I didn't differentiate them] mother. B had arranged it, but chickened out. It wasn't THAT depressing. At least the coffin was closed. R seemed really messed up and talked about "intense" 7th grade freaks and wanting to shock her relatives by taking out a joint. Teachers and the A's were there. E had kissed R when we sat down. I said little, as usual. A moribund little man emptied ash trays. R's brother D said New Haven was a bigger s-hole than Providence. E's sister A had walked home so we took the car. E got really excited when M suggested we go to a school board meeting at Phipps where R was. We were too late. R was waiting with a "Southie."

Just before we got out of the car that song with the 7-year-old was on [Jackson 5, "I Want You Back"]. Coming home we heard Sly & the Family Stone's "Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself," one line of which R thought was "take me in your asshole" (we begin to wrassle) and M said that was nothing compared to "I'm your Penis (Venus)" which we did hear on the way to the class reunion the next day. We went to my house. M and R loudly hummed the part right before the singing of the long song on the second BS&T album. Home, I made R a turkey sandwich on a bagel, and M two on bread. R almost finished our orange juice. He got bored and, as usual, needed a pillow.

I thought of having a sleigh riding party and kept calling people to ask what they thought of the idea, confirm it, cancel it, reconfirm, etc. It ended up on Monday. I invited M from school to come back here since we met that day in the city anyway. Deli Plaza was hectic. We went to Sam Goody's, Schirmer's and finally the library which was very foreboding. I finally got the "17" with A's article on Woodstock. We had to wait on the platform for the train. It was dark when we arrived. M was amazed to be in "real suburbia."

February 23, 1970 [I'll go ahead and excerpt this part now]

Forget it. I can't go into such detail again. I'll just say that it was really nice to see M2 again (K, who said, "Ooo, can I come?" when I told her I was having a sleigh riding party, brought him), that N brought a guy D, that I didn't really get to talk to J (he talked mostly to M), etc. We listened to the Crosby, Stills & Nash album next day, and M left the day after that.

New Year's Eve K had a party. I was slightly sick, but I wouldn't have gone anyway, but probably would have bummed around with C and L. I was almost glad to get back to school, felt nostalgic watching a CU basketball game the Saturday before school started again.
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