Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Today was productive, too

I started out the day by taking bags of clothes to various cleaners. I used to go to a place across the street that closed recently (all the businesses in that strip are losing their leases, and a new building is rumored to be going up). So I tried a new cleaner across the street in the other direction. It's owned by 2 Asian sisters and they were very nice and welcoming, giving me a laundry bag as a new customer, a discount for paying in advance, and a coupon for next time. If the cleaning is good, I'll bring them another bag on Thursday.

I stopped back at home and took another bag to a place a few blocks down. I had been there before, but they've changed owners and had no record of me. I realized one of the sweaters had buttons attached with safety pins, so I pulled that until I sew the buttons. I was going to go shopping straight from the cleaners but as long as I had to bring back the sweater (and a washable blouse that got in the bag by accident), I stopped at Duane Reade for some items, and returned home to pick up a third bag. This went to another place I hadn't tried before.

I came back home yet again, and decided to eat something (rice cakes and cheese) before heading out shopping. I took the subway down to the Shoe Inn sale at a hotel near Penn Station. I had gotten my coat at a sale in the same place 3 years ago. I ended up with some nice Fabio Rusconi black flats, and black Emu boots lined with VERY warm furry stuff. The boots had a princess and the pea effect; my left foot was feeling the label. I'll put shoe liners in, which should help. I'm not sure these are waterproof, so I might look for shorter booties. [UPDATE: I looked at the label with a flashlight, and the boots were in a Emu box but are actually Steve Madden. http://cgi.ebay.com/Steve-Madden-Pillows-Womens-Boots-Size-6-NWT_W0QQitemZ7736012651QQcategoryZ63889QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem in black. Same price as Emu so no biggie.] I also picked up a fur collar for warmth; it's hard to see the clasp so I may need help putting it on.

I had too many packages to shlep to Burlington Coat Factory, so I headed home. I considered turning around and going back downtown, but I had been in and out all day and that was enough.

Cutting short my retirement, Dell asked me to do some extra work on Cross Sums in February. How could I refuse?

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