Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Getting stuff done

Yesterday was productive. I updated my financial records in Quicken, and did the bank name conversion (I THINK - we'll see if it downloads correctly in the future). All that's left is invoicing, and (later) taxes.

I need to get things to the cleaners if I want to take them to Sundance. I went through the huge pile of to-be-cleaned clothes and filled 5 bags, which I'll take to 5 different cleaners. This could run into a lot of money, but it will greatly increase my available wardrobe.

I need to try on what's already in the closets and drawers, and weed out what's wearable - not just for Sundance, but in general. My weight is high, but some clothes are never going to fit even if I lose a few pounds. Others will never be appropriate. Maybe there's a chubby, short preteen out there who could wear my '60s miniskirts; those will go in the charity clothing bin I noticed outside the supermarket. They aren't nice enough to sell on eBay.

I went through some clothes in a laundry basket under a pile of dolls and stuffed animals. I thought they needed mending, but some just need washing or cleaning (there were even 2 slips in there I thought were lost forever). Then I remembered I had stored some clothes in suitcases a long time ago. I found them, and they were ancient and pretty bad.

One boxy pink suitcase was a gift in high school. It has my initials, a combination lock, and a broken handle making it suitable only for storage. Uh-oh, what was the combination? I probably last opened this in the '70s. I tried my birthday, my father's license number that he used for combinations, 999, 111, 222. Finally... 000! It sprung open and the contents were utter junk. Mostly clothes with something wrong with them.

Another suitcase had no problem opening, and I went AWWWW seeing it filled with stuffed animals. So THAT's where I put Rama Lamba Ding Dong, her daughter and a few others. I added a few stuffed animals to join them, as I have too many out. The suitcase lambs were much whiter than the ones that stay out; there's dirt in the air here that makes Lamba White look more like Lamba Gray.

I had to throw 2 bags of clothes into the garbage. They had broken zippers, missing buttons, bad tears - and most were not high quality to begin with. I tried on one such skirt, and it was so tight, old, and shoddily made that the entire thing ripped apart when I pulled it off. I hated to part with a blue silk dress with a huge rip under the arm. I had taken it to 3 cleaners who all said it could not be fixed. Being me, I then kept it another few years.

There are also several things which need minor mending, like buttons, clasps, or fallen hems. I'm lazy and don't really sew, but even I know how to do this sort of thing. If these also need cleaning, I need to get to them soon if they are Sundance possibilities.

I have enough sweaters for the trip (even without cleaning anything), and should have enough skirts. I still may look for a new skirt - longish, warm, wool if such a thing exists. I have some long skirts but they are summer fabrics. I know I should be wearing pants, but I just don't. I got thermal tights, but might pick up some more.

Today would have been Nana's 98th birthday (or even 100th, since we're not sure if she was lying about her age). I decided not to bring the Nana mink even though it's warm. It's short and thick and I look like a hedgehog. It just closes at the top and needs a button in the middle (there is a loop there but nothing to attach it to), and I don't have the energy to get that done. This means I MUST sew the button(s) on my coat (3 years old, which is brand-new in En clothing years). I may look for a down coat (never had one before) if I can find something really warm.

Boots are the desperately-needed must. I have short, shoe-ish ones with a temperamental zipper that immediately opens when you walk, and clunky mid-calf ones which are old and putrid. I don't have any decent regular shoes either. I got an E-mailing that Shoe Inn is having a sale at a hotel across from Penn Station, so I'll check that out (it's the last 2 days, so the good stuff may have been picked over) and then head to Burlington Coat Factory.

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