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Two of my least favorite medical professionals are the dentist and the gynecologist. I saw both in the last 2 days.

I hadn't had a teeth cleaning in 1.5 years. I get a LOT of tartar and really need to do it every 6 months. I finally called for an appointment Tuesday, hoping they could see me before Sundance (I need to be ready for my close-up; oops, that close-up already happened). They not only could, but had an opening Wednesday morning.

Everyone in my dental office is Russian. The receptionists were speaking Russian to each other while I waited, and I found I understood zero after 2 years of high school Russian except "spaceva" (thank you). Spaceva, Mr. Forster! The cleaning went fairly painlessly. It's so much better with electronic instruments as opposed to the agonizing scraping of steel in childhood. That steel thing is still there, but it's cleverly disguised as an attachment to a device that whirs and sprays. I closed my eyes throughout the whole thing.

Afterward, I went to the PO next door to mail packages before the rate increase (and got 2 cent stamps), and to the Times a few blocks away (this dentist was chosen to be near my ex-job in the "Good Morning America" building). The puzzles weren't ready (Will wasn't feeling well), so I headed home. I did several loads of laundry, including the acrylic sweaters I'd unearthed from the front closet. I still need to make the rounds of the dry cleaners. The Sunday puzzle arrived and I processed what I could from home (the computer guy needs to do the graphic for the second Sunday); the dailies weren't ready yet.

Patrick E-mailed with the tentative Sundance social plans. Parties galore. We get our ticket-buying time slots tomorrow, and actual buying is next week. I still need to look through the schedule. So exciting!

This morning I wasn't exactly looking forward to the gynecologist (a new one at Cornell). I left at 9:19 for a 10:15 appointment, transferred for the crosstown bus at 9:30, and then sat on 68th Street just past Third Ave. behind a garbage truck that showed no signs of moving. At 10:05, I finally got off and walked the rest of the way to York. I arrived breathless and late, and barely had time to start the paperwork when they called me in. The nurse took my blood pressure, and I told her it might be high due to that stress (and the stress of just being there), and sure enough it was. She was going to retake it later but never did. The GYN came in with a really nice resident and nurse. It was unbelievably quick and painless.

Next I went over to the Times. I called Will, who wasn't sure when the puzzles would be ready and suggested I work from home later. I knew I needed to shop and kept making excuses not to. "If the 10 bus comes before the 104, I'll just go home." The 104 came. On the 104: "I'm tired, I need to take a nap before working later." Still, I got off in front of the Town Shop - where I FINALLY got fitted for the proper undergarments. Also bought some thick tights.

When they were giving out the JAP genes for shopping, I didn't get one. After the Town Shop success, the rest of the excursion was unproductive. Easy Spirit, nothing. Talbot's, nothing. Filene's Basement, nothing (I saw the same tights I just paid much more for at the Town Shop, but that's the price for good service).

H&H Bagels, bingo. I never have a problem shopping for food. I ate the plain bagel (unfortunately, not hot but still fresh) waiting for the bus uptown. Research had shown there was an Aerosoles at Broadway and 104th, but I didn't see it. I walked down and there it was near 100th (I might have written down the wrong street). Aerosoles, nothing. Shoe Club, nothing.

Home again, I really wanted to take a nap but now the puzzles were here, so I got them out. Finally, naptime!

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