Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Why we need a really good pandora.com for books

I was doing my periodic check of Amazon.com's book recommendations so I could delete books I already read. At the bottom of the rec, Amazon tells you why it thought you would like the book.

"Running With Scissors" was "recommended because you rated Sit & Solve Cross Sums." Huh? Is there perhaps a mental illness connection with obsessively solving cross sums and dark, funny memoirs of insane families?

Meanwhile, pandora.com continues to fascinate. Today in IM, A and I were gushing while pandora played, "Oh look, it played THIS!" "Ooh, it played THAT." I still need to split out my jumbled-up genres into separate stations.

UPDATE: I split my Pandora into Ennie Funky, Ennie Folkie, and Ennie Poppy Radio. The Poppy could probably be split into harder and softer rock, but none of it is, like, metal so I'll leave it together for now.

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