Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

That vacation

I finally did the RH corrections this morning, completing the work I wanted to finish by Christmas in order to have a vacation last week. Oh well. I've made today a "vacation day" since the rest of the world has a legal holiday.

I still have 3 LATs, Uptown has arrived, and I need to get invoices done and financial records updated. I'm never lacking work.

I ordered ski gloves, which I hope will be warm. It's coming up on the last minute as far as ordering things for the trip. I can't get much else without trying on, so need to make a shopping trip soon. Ick, shopping.

The Remington Wet 2 Straight arrived. I tried it on dry hair and it seems pretty good. I've been so lazy I just let my hair dry naturally most of the time. I'll probably get a haircut before Sundance, though I'm tempted to leave it long as it may not friz in freezing weather.

I paid some bills online (including the one for the Puzzle Palace). Now I'm sitting around listening to Pandora.com. I'm almost done with Jane Fonda (she just separated from Ted Turner), and ready to start a new book. Working on Puzzability Celebrity Puzzles. Way to begin the new year!

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