Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I guess I should do a year-end review

As I update my blog with Pandora.com playing John Legend in the background, there are three things right there that weren't happening a year ago.

I'm not good with change. Most things about me haven't changed in, like, forever. In 2005, I celebrated 30 years in my apartment, reconnected with high school friends at two reunions, saw the usual puzzle people at the usual events and one new event (Haystack), saw family at family events, got the same hairstyle from my hairdresser Ron, ate vegetables with melted cheese, spent a ton of time online, read magazines and junky novels, and did puzzles both for pay and for fun.

I spent the entire year freelancing, for the first time since 1998. It hurt not to be asked back to my job, but I found I love the freedom of working from home, and don't miss the work itself. I haven't done my financial records yet but I think I'm in good shape despite a much lower income.

I was ill. That wasn't fun, but at least I had the luxury of not working so I could take time to recover.

Much of my human contact took place online. Still, I made a few new friends and finally met some old friends in person (xoxoxo). I went to TARcon, and participated in run-throughs with a famous game show champion.

My old, decrepit computer died in '04, and I got a new desktop at the end of that year and my first laptop ever (an iBook) in '05. I also upgraded to DSL. I got an iPod, SoundDock, and good headphones.

Then there's the movie. In February, I spent a day being filmed for the "Wordplay" documentary, twirling the baton among the Gates in Central Park, eating in Tom's, and getting drenched in the rain. Filming continued at Stamford, and the past month has been filled with excitement about the movie making it to Sundance and our upcoming trip.

The number one event of 2005: blogging. I followed a few blogs in the past, but thought baring one's life in public was strange, egotistical, an exercise in navel-contemplating. Yes, so...? When I started, I thought I'd link to an amusing article once in a while, and then things escalated. Besides writing my own blog, which is as much a memoir as a current journal, I spend what seems like half the day reading other people's blogs, commenting on those blogs, and rechecking the links to see what's been updated. I'm even reading blogs of total strangers. It's like watching an ongoing soap opera in real time.

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